Contrary to what you may have been lead to believe, headshots are more than just a picture of your face against a plain backdrop. Regardless of your industry - whether you're a performer, a corporate professional, a writer, or just someone who wants a nice picture - a headshot is a very powerful tool for showing who YOU are and introducing your brand.

It's easy enough to take a picture in front of a plain background and smile, but taking a headshot that showcases who you are and who you want to portray is a different thing. That's where I come in! After over 8 years of taking headshots for individuals from all walks of life, I've learnt how to craft a great headshot using all the tools we have at our disposal, including lighting, outfits, backdrops, posing, hair & makeup, and editing.

I believe headshots are a collaborative process, and during my shoots you will be involved every step of the way. This includes before the shoot, when we will talk about the kind of photos you want to walk away with in terms of things like outfits, poses, style, mood, and more. During the shoot, I'll help direct you on things like posing and help you get the best picture, but you have as much freedom as you would like to inject your own ideas and personality into the shoot. At every setup I make sure to give you the option to review your images as we go so we can be sure you are happy with what we are capturing before we move on, and give you time to change anything that might not be working. After the shoot, you'll have full control over selecting your final images, as well as input on things like retouching and how much or little you would like.

Below are my current packages for 2024. Please use these as a guide, but note that shoots can be customised to suit your individual needs and don't hesitate to inquire about any specific requirements not outlined below.

Natural Light


An relaxed and flexible headshot shoot using available light and natural backdrops.

This budget friendly shoot is perfect for creatives and professionals after simple and natural headshots in a low-key environment.


Studio Shoot


A comprehensive headshot shoot with room for customisable setups and outfit changes.

Ideal for actors and performers wanting a varied range of looks, and time to tailor setups to capture specific moods and characters.


Portfolio Shoot


A fully personalised portfolio shoot with both studio and natural light setups and unlimited outfit changes.

A portfolio shoot allows for maximum flexibility and creativity, where you can fully capture your personal brand.



What's the difference between a studio and natural light shoot?

A.A natural light shoot uses the available outdoor light and backdrops, as opposed to a studio shoot where we have the ability to use things like arificial lighting and coloured backdrops to create a scene.

This doesn't mean we have no control over things like mood and style in a natural light shoot though. In fact, natural light shoots can achieve just as much variety in mood and style and we can still alter the available light and settings to create a setup for your headshot that will achieve the final result you want. There can be an aesthetic difference in the way natural light and studio light looks, but there is no difference between the quality of the final images!

The only big difference with a natural light shoot is that as they take place outdoors, generally they are more restricted in terms of things like outfit changes and hair&makeup. These shoots are more designed with quick changes achieved by layering and simple adjustments like tying hair up and down, in mind. So, if you have ideas for a shoot that will involved elaborate outfit changes or big hair & makeup looks, a studio shoot may allow for your vision to come to life a bit easier.

Where do the shoots take place?

A.I generally run my shoots in East Melbourne, where there is tons of great natural light spots that you will see in my portfolio. However, shoots can take place absolutely anywhere if you have a location you would prefer - your home, your work, a park.

Travel fees may apply depending on location.

Do you offer hair & makeup services?

A.If you would like to add on a hair & makeup artist for your shoot that is 100% possible! For studio shoots, you can either bring your own hair & makeup artist along, or I can organise for one of the trusted artists I work with to come along for your shoot and stay throughout to do touch-ups or any look changes.

Unfortunately, this service is only available for Studio Shoots. However, if you are booking a Natural Light shoot you have the option to get your hair & makeup done prior to the shoot.